Aruba is a beautiful place where dreams become reality. It is a Caribbean island country. Aruba is famous for its blonde beaches and sculpted desert landscapes. If you are an individual who is willing to ship boxes, vehicles, containers, household effects or other goods to Aruba, then you are on the right path. The team at Europe Caribbean Logistics has a great deal of experience with the task of shipments to Aruba, which means you can expect the best fast and expert assistance. From loading of goods to their shipment at Aruba whether in containers or in groupage shipping, we support all. Our organization offers our clients with the best customer support in Papiamentu. Our company work hard providing the best quality service to our clients at the lowest possible prices. We assure our clients the promise to determine the best way to ship your goods.

The journey to Aruba takes almost 13-14 days and it may take several days for the arrival of the days to be cleared. A couple of days before the goods arrive; the recipient will receive a phone call from a local agent for the confirmation and the complete details. The agreement is maintained for the protected delivery of your goods at Aruba. Worried about their safe unloading? Well, our experts at Aruba will take care of that too.

Best features of our organisation include the –

  • Fast delivery service
  • Lowest possible prices
  • Quality and best-assured work
  • Easy transportation

The client’s 100 per cent satisfaction and happiness is our prime motto. Our organisation  has a team of professionals who assure the best work. Collaborate and show your trust towards us for the best future results.

You will find more information on importing goods to Aruba in this document and on the Aruba Customs Agency website.

Check Aruba website for more information about holidays and activities in Aruba.