Willing to travel Curacao? Or living with a dream to move to Curacao? Or just planning to send some gifts to the relatives or the friends living in Curacao? Then, Europe Caribbean Logistics welcomes you, because we are the top leading platform who weekly sends the shipments to Curacao.

A rich marine life with coral reefs is what curacao famous for. This island has many beaches tucked into coves. Our organization offers the best transportation of your box, bicycle, scooter, container or even the car. Our company often called upon to move the contents of a family’s entire house. This can only be possible in the case of the groupage container or a fully loaded own container. Our organization also offer our clients the best parking service and the pickup service at the lowest possible prices and even our organization will take the complete care of all the required documents for you.

You can ask for a quote for your shipment and even our organization will help you to determine the best way to ship your goods. The trip to Curacao lasts 12 or 13 days and once your goods arrive it takes some of the days to get cleared.  Our organization assure our client on-time delivery promise at the lowest possible prices.

You will find more information on importing goods to Curacao in this document and on the Aruba Customs Agency website.

Check Curacao website for more information about holidays and activities in Curacao

Contact our organization for the easy shipment of your goods.