Sharing container will share the cost too

Europe Caribbean logistics is an expertise in groupage shipping. In groupage shipping, we combine cargo from multiple shippers in a single cargo ship container for shipment. The main benefit of groupage shipping is that it reduces the transportation cost significantly. This is a perfect alternative for individuals who don’t have enough cargo to fulfill a shipment container.  The cargo goods sent in this shared shipping can belong to various categories like they can be cars, furniture, pallets etc. what so ever it may be; we are the perfect solution for your freight shipping. Groupage shipping is applicable in cases where goods from different clients need to be shipped at a similar location and is also ideal for saving money. The most compelling reason to use our groupage shipping services is that you don’t have to pay for the complete container; your cost will just depend on the space your stuff occupies in the container.

How we work

The process followed by us for groupage of your cargo is –
  • The goods are dismantled and carried in our cargo ship containers to ensure enough safety and protection of the goods from breakage etc.

  • A complete documentation or agreement is maintained about the shipment.

  • We will also assist in the unpacking the goods on their arrival at the destination.

  • An Invoice will be sent for the shipment with easy payment options.

  • Special arrangements are done for the transportation of important documents.

  • We also prepare a customized moving abroad checklist for a convenient moving process.

Europe Caribbean logistics is the perfect alternative to your cargo relocation because we offer the most secure and reliable services. We will get your belongings safely where they need to be shipped. The goods are transported correctly to its appropriate consignee.  We offer fast, reliable and affordable services.

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