Package Boxes

Don’t forget to remember Europe Caribbean logistics when looking for shipment services for your cargo. We are a team of well qualified and experienced professionals distributed all over the world to provide best in class shipment services. One thing is certain in our services that there is no place for any uncertainty.

We deal in the transportation of all kinds of boxes in spite of their shape, size and weight.  Our logistics team handles the whole emigration process of your boxes in a safe, cheap and fast way. We mainly focus on loading and unloading of goods at the time of departure and arrival for their secure transportation. The main destination of our packaging boxes is the Netherlands usually but we offer our services in other regions too. The cost of shipment for boxes is decided as per cube.

How we work

The whole procedure of our boxes shipment services is –
  • Two lists are maintained that contains the list of items that are being transported.

  • A confirmation mail and notification are sent to the client on arrival of their cargo at the destination.

  • Our agents are there to handle your goods at their arrival.

Choose only the best and forget the rest.

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